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Expansive Views: 3 Exceptional Places to Stay in Homer, Alaska

Looking to gaze on sunrises, sunsets, and snow-capped mountains in Homer, Alaska? 

This list of 3 exceptional places to stay in Homer, Alaska, is your portal to remarkable lodgings where extraordinary views meet comfort.

Your choice of accommodation significantly shapes the overall experience of any trip. Beyond mere lodging, the place you choose to stay serves as a sanctuary, a retreat, and a backdrop to unforgettable memories. 

Whether nestled in a cozy cabin amidst towering trees, perched atop a cliff overlooking a vast expanse of ocean, or tucked away on a pristine property, the place you choose to stay becomes a significant part of your journey. 

It sets the tone, provides comfort, and offers a sense of belonging. It enriches your travels with its unique charm and ambiance, ensuring that every moment spent there is cherished and remembered fondly.

These 3 exceptional places to stay in Homer, Alaska are what memories are made of:

Discover the epitome of unique and cozy lodging in Alaska, perched majestically on a soaring bluff mere minutes from downtown Homer.

Nestled along the cliff's edge, 500 feet above the enchanting Kachemak Bay, these distinctive cottages provide all the modern comforts amidst a backdrop that captures the essence of traditional Alaska.

Indulge in private hot tubs, panoramic ocean vistas, and unparalleled cleanliness standards.

Baycrest Lodge has earned a reputation among its guests, including Homer locals, as one of the premier accommodations in Alaska.

Alaska Adventure Cabins includes two lovely homes and the Moose Caboose Rail Car. The Moose Caboose is a 54-foot Pullman rail with two floors, each complete with a kitchen, suitable for one large or two smaller groups.

This 15-acre property offers spectacular views overlooking glaciers and the Kenai Mountains near Homer and Kachemak Bay in Alaska.

 Majestic View B&B offers 7 distinct accommodations, from cozy guest rooms to spacious apartments. Delightful breakfasts are included with your stay. 

The communal area provides cozy spots to unwind, with large windows showcasing breathtaking views. 

Outside, a sprawling deck overlooks the ocean and mountains, complete with patio furniture, a grill, and an outdoor fireplace for guests to enjoy.

Tips for Booking Your Unique Accommodation in Homer

Book Early: Homer, Alaska, welcomes thousands of travelers each year, and they all want a beautiful place to stay. Book early to ensure your first choice.

Note that each business has unique booking policies: Some accept reservations year-round, while others begin taking bookings in January for the following year. Contacting the company directly to understand their specific policies is always a good idea. 

Looking for a bargain? Consider seasonal demand when planning your stay. The best selection and prices may be available during off-peak seasons. 

 So, plan and enjoy the unique accommodations that Homer has to offer!


With its stunning views, modern amenities, and various lodging options, Homer has something for every traveler. So, whether you're planning your next vacation or simply dreaming of an Alaskan adventure, Homer has something special waiting for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Peony Festival in Homer, Alaska?

The Peony Festival in Homer, Alaska, held annually in July, celebrates peonies' vibrant beauty and cultural significance. Visitors immerse themselves in a colorful extravaganza of blossoms featuring Peony Farm visits, workshops, and local artisans. This enchanting event showcases Homer's rich horticultural heritage and attracts peony enthusiasts from far and wide.

Can you see glaciers in Homer, Alaska?

Glaciers can be seen in Homer, including the impressive Grewingk Glacier, which can be seen across Kachemak Bay. 

When is the best time to book accommodation in Homer, Alaska?

The best time to book accommodations in Homer is 6-8 months in advance, especially for popular places. So, plan ahead for the best selection!


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