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Alaska Peonies: Join The 5th Annual Homer Peony Celebration

Updated: 2 days ago

Why are Homer Alaska's peonies coveted worldwide? Unique growing conditions beneath the midnight sun give Alaska peonies exceptional size and color. 

Perfect from July to September when other peonies have faded, these northern blooms are a staple for events, gardens, and bouquets. 

Discover how Alaska's summer renders these flowers extraordinary and how you can obtain Alaska peonies from Homer, Alaska - The City of Peonies, for personal or event use.

Beautiful Peonies Bloom in Homer Alaska
Beautiful Peonies Bloom in Homer Alaska
  • Alaska's extended summer daylight creates a prime environment for peonies, yielding larger blooms, more intense colors, and an extended season from late June through August.

  • Peony farms in Homer, Alaska, offer immersive experiences, from farm tours and bouquet-making demonstrations to purchasing options for fresh blooms delivered globally.

  • Enjoy the Annual Homer Peony Celebration in July.

Embracing the Midnight Sun: Alaska's Premium Peony Season

More than just a remarkable sky, the land of the midnight sun cradles a treasure trove of premium flowers that flourish under its vigilant gaze. 

Extended hours of sunlight during Alaska's summer season nourish these blooms with a unique growth advantage, allowing them to thrive with intense hues that captivate the eye. 

Continuous sunlight encourages larger flowers. It extends their blooming period, creating a longer season of beauty and delight. It's the perfect time for the Homer Peony Celebration.

In Alaska, where endless summer days and fertile soil abound, these giant blooms and highly saturated colors come to life during the prime months of July and August, thanks to the dedicated labor of local farmers.

The Magic of the Midnight Sun and Peony Blooms

Homer, Alaska's peonies are nurtured into lush and vibrant marvels under the enchanting glow of the midnight sun, which can provide up to 22 hours of sunlight in the peak growing season. 

This abundance of daylight is foundational in promoting fuller blooms with striking vibrancy - a true spectacle of nature's artistry. The optimal light conditions bestowed by the midnight sun significantly enhance the size, stem length, and overall health, setting them apart from those grown in regions less kissed by the sun.

This extended daylight contributes to Alaska's reputation for producing exceptionally lush and vibrant blooms, captivating florists and flower enthusiasts when they visit the Homer Peony Celebration each July.

Things to Do in Homer Alaska: Blooms From June to August

The calendar of blooms Alaska's peonies offer mirrors the generosity of the summer daylight. 

From late June through August and even September, these beautiful flowers unfurl their petals, providing blooms when scarce in other parts of the world. 

The Homer Peony Celebration is one of the only places to experience peonies in the field in the summer!

By cultivating a selection of early--, mid-, and late-season blooming herbaceous peonies, Alaskan gardens can enjoy an extended season of color and fragrance.

 Homer Alaska - City of Peonies
Homer Alaska - City of Peonies

Journey to the City of Peonies

Homer, Alaska, proclaimed itself the City of Peonies in 2017.

The Homer Peony Celebration began!

Vibrant farms become a tapestry of colors and fragrances during summer. Among the verdant fields and crisp air, the beautiful blooms reach for the sky, creating a breathtaking vista as enchanting as the land.

Homer, Alaska, is the crown jewel of this floral kingdom, with over two dozen peony farms waiting to share their blossoms with the world. 

These farms are not just about cultivation; they are gateways to an immersive experience, allowing visitors to walk among the blooms and breathe in the sweet scents.

Meet the Farmers: Stories Behind the Blooms

Behind every beautiful peony is a story of dedication and passion. Get acquainted with the farmers, such as Rita Jo Shoultz of Alaska Perfect Peony, who played a pivotal role in establishing Homer's vibrant peony farming industry. They share their deep knowledge and passion for these blooms, inviting guests to partake in their floral journey.

The commitment to cultivating these flowers is seen in the farmers' patience, who often nurture the plants for 3-5 years before the first commercial stems are ready for harvest. 

Alaska Beauty Peony Cooperative

The Alaska Beauty Peony Cooperative is a coalition of 11 Homer-area peony farms. The farms are distributed throughout the Homer area. The farmers include original homesteading families and more recent arrivals in Homer. The co-op benefits from the extended growing season provided by Homer's microclimates.

The Co-op also has bridal boxes, subscriptions, and a variety of gifts available to order from the website.

Buying flowers through the Alaska Peony Cooperative supports these family-owned farms, where each bloom grows with meticulous care and dedication.

Visiting Homer, Alaska's Peony Farms

You can visit many of the farms during the Homer Peony Celebration. Visiting Homer, Alaska's farms, is an experience that borders on magic. At places like Alaska Perfect Peony, farm tours on Fridays and Sundays offer a glimpse into the attraction's peony fields, botanical gardens, and the serene lakeside nature surrounding them. 

Stroll through the peony fields to see the flowers in full bloom, then wander the botanical gardens for a wider variety of flora.

The journey doesn't end there; visitors can also engage in bouquet-making demonstrations, taking home a uniquely crafted bouquet or even a peony root to plant in their garden. 

Alaska Grown, Doorstep Delivered

Can't come to the Homer Peony Celebration?

The charm of Alaska's peonies extends beyond the farm gate. These premium blooms are meticulously hand-cut at their bud peak, immediately cooled, and stored at optimal temperatures to ensure they remain fresh during their journey to your doorstep. The shippers maintain the essential cool chain, ensuring that the flowers you receive are as fresh as they were the moment they were picked.

With Alaska's strategic position as an air travel hub, most global destinations can receive these blooms within 10 hours, minimizing their time in transit and maximizing their freshness. 

Shipping Freshness

Shipped worldwide as buds, Alaska peonies are designed to bloom after they arrive, ensuring their freshness and providing a unique and enchanting unfolding experience for the recipient. Plan for 3 days after the arrival for your flowers to fully open.

Celebrate with Alaska Peonies: For Brides and Beyond

Alaska peonies represent more than just flowers; they symbolize celebration, adorning weddings, and special events with their presence during July, August, and September. 

When flowers are typically not in bloom elsewhere, these months become a time of abundance in Alaska, filling a niche with their large, vibrant flowers that brides worldwide cherish.

The allure of Alaska's late-growing season peonies is unmistakable, offering a unique floral option that adds a touch of wilderness and wonders to any celebration.

A Variety of Colors and Forms

The canvas of Alaska's growing season is painted with a diverse palette of colors. With bi-color, blush, coral, dark pink, light pink, red, white, and yellow peonies, the options are as varied as they are stunning. They are all on display during the Homer Peony Celebration.

Peony roots are available in various sizes and quantities, offering a way to cultivate your family's peony garden.

Alaska Perfect Peony Farm, Fritz Creek, Alaska
Alaska Perfect Peony Farm, Fritz Creek, Alaska

The Annual Homer Peony Celebration in July

The Annual Homer Peony Celebration in July paints the city with vibrant hues and fragrant scents of beautiful peonies. The extended summer days, combined with the chill of glacier-fed breezes and fertile soils, create the perfect environment for these flowers to bloom more vividly. 

During the celebration, visitors have the chance to visit some of the most beautiful peony farms in the world, such as:

Each of these farms offers tours that showcase their stunning fields and the meticulous care that goes into growing each peony. 

Special accommodation reservations can be booked through the Homer B&B Association for those planning an extended stay, ensuring a comfortable and memorable experience.


From the magic of the midnight sun that brings forth their lush vibrancy to the dedicated farmers who nurture these blooms with love and patience, Alaska peonies are nature's pristine blossom. 

Whether planning a wedding, a special event, or simply wishing to add a touch of Alaskan charm to your home, these premium flowers offer unmatched beauty and quality. 

The care taken in harvesting, packaging, and delivering these blooms ensures they arrive at your doorstep fresh and ready to captivate.

Join in the Homer Peony Celebration in July. 

Let the charm of these beautiful flowers inspire your next celebration, and may the memories they create be as enduring as the midnight sun.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to order Alaska peonies for a summer wedding?

The best time to order Alaska peonies for your summer wedding is during their peak blooming months of July and August to ensure you receive vibrant and fresh blooms for your special day. Plan for the flowers to be fully open 3 days after they arrive.

How are Alaska peonies shipped to maintain their freshness?

The flowers are shipped to maintain freshness by being hand-cut at their bud peak, immediately cooled, and stored at optimal temperatures. Then, they are shipped through specialized carriers to ensure a cool chain essential for freshness, delivering within 24 hours of leaving the farm. Allow 3 days from arrival for the buds to open!

Are there any special events that celebrate peonies in Alaska?

The annual Homer Peony Celebration in July is a delightful special event celebrating Alaska peonies' beauty and fragrance through farm tours and vibrant displays.


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