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Alaska Winter Sports
Things To Do in Homer Alaska

Welcome to Homer, Alaska, where winter weaves a spell of magic, transforming the landscape into a wonderland.

This town is where the mountains meet the sea, with a unique blend of outdoor activities that will warm your heart.

Experience the excitement of winter sports as you explore all this picturesque town offers.


  • Explore Homer's winter wonderland of thrilling activities and stunning scenery.

  • Enjoy cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snow machining, and ice sports.

  • Participate in Homer-based races, contests, and tournaments. 

Winter Sports:

Kachemak Nordic Ski Club Trails

Kachemak Nordic Ski Club supports cross-country skiing throughout the Kachemak Bay area. Volunteers provide lessons and activities for all ages on over 80 kilometers of meticulously groomed trails for classic and skate skiing lovers.  

The ski trails, maintained by a dedicated team of volunteers, wind through scenic landscapes offering panoramic views of Kachemak Bay and the Kenai Mountain Range. Whether you're a seasoned skier or a novice, the Kachemak Nordic Ski Club provides a rewarding winter sports experience.

Check trail conditions at Nordic Pulse.

Homer, Alaska Cross Country and snowshoe trails

Homer Rope Tow Ski Area

For those craving winter sports with downhill thrills, the Ski Area at Homer Rope Tow serves as a winter playground. This volunteer-run slope offers an accessible and enjoyable downhill skiing experience.

The hill, also known as Lookout Mountain, is perfect for an afternoon of fun on the snow at this ski resort, with affordable rates making it a popular choice for families. Skiers encounter stunning views and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere as the day unfolds.

Guided Snowshoeing Adventures

The Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies sponsors many winter sports activities at Inspiration Ridge and the Wynn Nature Center. 

They provide snowshoeing experiences that explore the stunning winter landscapes of Homer, Alaska, at a leisurely pace while learning about the local flora and fauna from an expert guide.

Whether you're a seasoned snowshoer or a beginner, the Guided Snowshoeing Adventures are a fantastic way to experience the winter beauty of Homer. So, strap on your snowshoes, bundle up, and prepare for an adventure that will leave you with lasting memories.

Snow Machine Excitement

Snow Machines are much more than snow toys in Alaska. They provide transportation when areas are snowed in and are critical to many Alaskan's way of life.


SNOMADS is a Homer AK organization dedicated to preserving access to winter sports in the backcountry with snow machines. Extensive trails have been developed in and around Homer to ensure residents and winter enthusiasts have access to remote areas.

Homer, Alaska Snow Machine Trails by SNOMADS

Auto Racing on Beluga Lake

For an adrenaline rush, join the crowds at Beluga Lake for some thrilling auto racing. This winter sports tradition, dating back to 1955, sees participants bringing ice racing cars to compete on the frozen lake surface.
The races are a spectacle of speed and skill, with the icy track adding an extra layer of excitement. 

Follow the Homer Racing Association on Facebook for more information about watching and participating.

Ice Hockey & Skating - 
Kevin Bell Arena

Kevin Bell Arena, located on the Homer Spit, is the home of the Homer Hockey Association, a member of USA Hockey, and provides youth hockey programs to all ages. In addition to youth hockey, Kevin Bell Arena hosts adult hockey, learn-to-skate, and figure skating programs.  

Friday Night Lights skates are open to the community, and skate rentals are available. 

During the season, teams from all over Alaska come to compete in winter sports, including ice hockey, broomball, and figure skating, and the Homer Hockey Divas host The Homer Winter Jamboree - an annual event to celebrate Women in Ice Hockey.

Grewingk Glacier Lake Ice Skating

For a truly memorable winter sports ice skating experience, head to Grewingk Glacier Lake. This stunning location offers a smooth ice surface and breathtaking views of the glacier and surrounding landscape.

Reserve a water taxi to take you to Kachemak Bay State Park to hike to the lake.  Before setting out, check the ice conditions and take necessary safety precautions.   Skating on Grewingk Glacier Lake is an unforgettable winter adventure.

Winter Fishing Charters

King Salmon and Halibut are favorites for winter sports fishing on Kachemak Bay. Winterscapes on the water are beautiful, and the charter boats have heated cabins to warm up in between hauling in your catch.

Annual Winter Sports Events

Homer Winter Jamboree

Women's Hockey Teams from Alaska compete at Kevin Bell Arena.

Homer Epic

The Homer Epic is a 50- or 100 km human-powered winter race in the Caribou Hills on some of the most scenic, marked winter trails you will find. Ski, bike, or run.

Details at Homer Cycling Club.

Kachemak Ski Marathon

13K, 25K, and 42K routes

Information at Kachemak Nordic Ski Club

Sea to Ski Triathlon

Run, Bike, Ski from the Ocean to the Slopes - individuals or teams.

Details at Kachemak Nordic Ski Club.



Start up your snow machine and join the fun on marked trails with stops along the way.

Details at SNOMADs

Homer Winter King Salmon Tournament

It is the biggest winter fishing contest on the West Coast.

Details at Homer Chamber of Commerce

Asked Questions

What is Homer, Alaska, like in winter?

Homer, Alaska, has mild winter temperatures, with highs peaking at around 30 degrees Fahrenheit and lows of about 17 degrees. Despite the darkness of the season, the coastal location means more favorable weather than is expected in most of Alaska.

What is unique about Homer, Alaska, in the winter?

Homer is a stunningly beautiful Alaskan town that boasts majestic mountain views, glistening glaciers, and miles of groomed trails for outdoor adventure, ice skating, and winter fishing. Winter contests are widespread, including the famous Homer Winter King Fishing Tournament.

Can I see the Northern Lights in Homer, Alaska?

Absolutely! Homer, Alaska, is one of the prime locations to witness the mesmerizing spectacle of the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis.


The city's geographical location, far from the light pollution of major cities, makes it an ideal spot for stargazing and catching a glimpse of this natural wonder. The best time to see the Northern Lights in Homer is during the colder months, from late September to early April. During this period, the skies are darkest, providing the perfect backdrop for the vibrant colors of the aurora.


Remember to bundle up and be patient - the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and can be unpredictable. However, the wait is always worth it when you witness the sky dancing with colors!

Can we drive to Homer, AK, from Anchorage in the winter?

You can drive, but the conditions may be dangerous because of storms and wind. Check the weather from Anchorage down to Homer because the conditions are very different. If a storm comes up, there are few places to stay along the way, so it may be best to fly.

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