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Pack Smart, Play Hard: Things to Do in Homer Alaska

Updated: 2 days ago

Places to Go and Things to See in Homer Alaska
Places to Go and Things to See in Homer Alaska

Welcome to Homer, Alaska—a scenic wonderland that beckons adventurers, artists, and tranquility seekers alike. Nestled on the shore of Kachemak Bay, Homer is not just a destination; it's an invitation to experience the raw beauty of Alaska's great outdoors.

With so many Things to do in Homer Alaska, knowing what to pack can make or break your Alaskan adventure, whether you're coming to fish in crystal-clear waters, hike through lush trails, or soak in the local culture. This guide will help you prepare for your trip, ensuring you bring what you need for the activities you plan to enjoy.

Essential Items to Pack for Homer

In Alaska, the focus is on comfort and practicality due to the ever-changing weather, not fashion. Alaskans rarely dress up, allowing visitors to pack light with versatile, weather-appropriate clothing. Emphasize layers and leave the formal wear at home for a worry-free Alaskan adventure.

Weather-Appropriate Clothing: Many Things to do in Homer Alaska are outside. Weather in Homer can be unpredictable, with sunny days suddenly giving way to cold, rainy afternoons and a sunny evening. Layering is essential, so pack breathable, waterproof outerwear, a good set of base layers, and comfortable walking shoes.

My favorite underlayer is Merino Wool. It maintains the right temperature, never gets sweaty, and doesn't hold body odor. You can get shirts and leggings - I recommend both.

For lightweight, waterproof outerwear, I recommend Frog Togs. I bought some for my first trip to Alaska and am still using them.

Have a hat and gloves, especially when venturing on the water or hiking at higher altitudes. Temperatures vary considerably as you go up in elevation. And, if you're on the side of the mountain where the sun is blocked, it can be downright cold.

Sunscreen and sunglasses are essential! The angle of the sun can be blinding. And, even though the temperatures are cool, you can get a sunburn.

Outdoor Gear: Durable waterproof hiking boots or strong walking shoes will serve you well on Homer's trails and beaches. For bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts, binoculars are a must-have to catch a glimpse of bald eagles or moose in their natural habitat. Anglers heading for a day of fishing should bring their favorite rods and tackle, though rentals are also available. Fishing gear is provided on all charter fishing boats.

These high-powered binoculars are perfect for spotting wildlife and can be hooked to your camera to take pictures.

Photography Equipment: Homer's stunning landscapes are a photographer's dream. Bring your best camera and various lenses to capture sweeping vistas and close-up wildlife shots. A tripod can also be handy, especially for those breathtaking Alaskan sunsets.

This rates as one of the top Things to do in Homer Alaska.  Waterproof shoes and layers will keep you happy while exploring our beautiful beaches. You'll want the capability of a macro lens to take great pictures of tide pool creatures. 

Prepare for a day trip to see these magnificent creatures by packing binoculars, extra camera batteries, and bear-safe food containers. These parks are accessible by short flights, so check weight limits on gear beforehand.

Whether you're an experienced angler or a first-timer, the halibut and salmon here are to be noticed. Waterproof clothing and boots are essential, along with your fishing license, which can be purchased online or in town.

Homer's trails offer easy walks to challenging treks. Along with your hiking boots, pack a GPS or physical map, plenty of water, snacks, and a first-aid kit. Always let someone know your route before heading out.

The Kachemak Bay Water Trail is one of the unique Things to Do in Homer Alaska. A waterproof bag to protect your belongings is crucial for those looking to paddle in Kachemak Bay. Remember sunscreen, a hat, and layers, as conditions can change rapidly on the water.

Fans of the famous homesteading family will enjoy visiting their estate. Wear comfortable shoes for walking and bring a notebook to jot down insights or sketch the stunning scenery.

The art culture of Homer is rich in artistic expression, with numerous galleries and studios. Bring a light backpack for art purchases and pick up a brochure detailing local artists and their studios from the Visitors Center.

Local Cuisine

Dining in Homer is a treat, particularly for lovers of fresh seafood. If you plan to cook, consider bringing a portable spice kit to enhance the day's fresh catch. Local markets offer a variety of fresh ingredients. Be sure to visit the Farmer's Market for local produce and crafts.

Tips for Sustainable and Respectful Tourism

Remember to travel responsibly as you enjoy Homer's natural and cultural riches. Pack reusable water bottles and eco-friendly shopping bags, and be mindful of your environmental impact. Keeping trails clean and respecting wildlife habitats helps preserve the beauty and integrity of this unique place.


Packing for Homer involves preparing for adventure, unpredictability, and the profound peace of being in one of the world's most spectacular settings. 

By bringing the right items, you'll be free to dive into the experiences in Homer, Alaska.

If you need to pick something up, Ulmers on Lake Street and The Gear Shed on East End Road have a variety of gear that locals love. The Happy Closet and Homer Jeans have fun things.

And don't worry if you get wet or muddy. Laundromats with Showers are available on the Homer Spit and in Homer. You can even wash your dog in a walk-in tub at the Homer Animal Friends store.

We hope this guide helps you get ready for your journey to Homer. Safe travels, and don't hesitate to share your experiences or tips in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear jeans in Alaska?

Jeans are perfect for going around town or out to eat. If they get wet, they are cold and soggy and can take a long time to dry. Jeans are also bulky to pack. Consider a lightweight, easy-dry pant for outdoor activities and wearing to dinner.

Do I need a jacket in Alaska?

A jacket is an excellent top layer. Consider one that is lightweight, warm, and packable.

Do I need Sunglasses for my trip to Alaska?

YES! The sun's angle makes it very bright, and reflections off of glacier ice will add to the discomfort. Bring sunglasses made for outdoor sports that cut glare.

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