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Homer Alaska Weather - October 2022

Cloud-Capped Mountains on Kachemak Bay, Homer, Alaska
October Sky Across Kachemak Bay, Homer, AK

Homer Alaska Weather - October

In like a lamb…

October has all eyes on the mountains across the bay, looking for more snow on the peaks. This year, the snow has come and gone several times. High temperatures normally range from 51 degrees on October 1st to a low of 40 degrees on October 31st. Low temperatures range from 39 degrees on October 1st to 30 degrees on October 31st. We have more clouds than in September, but most days bring some sunshine to brighten things up.

First Snow

Temperatures were up to 60 degrees until October 10th. Homer Alaska Weather brought the North Wind, and it rushed in, cropping our high temperature to 36 with a low temperature of 32. We got a light covering of snow. It disappeared quickly as temperatures rose into the normal range the next day.

Snow averages suggest more snow is in store, ending the month with 2.6 inches.

Days Grow Shorter - and Shorter

The sun rose on October 1st at 8:12 AM and set at 7:38 PM. On October 31st, it will rise at 9:25 AM and set at 6:13 PM. The day's length steadily decreases by 5 minutes and 15 seconds daily and 36 minutes and 46 seconds weekly. We begin October with 11 and 26 minutes and end with 8 hours and 48 minutes of daylight.

Homer participates in the craziness of Daylight Savings Time, but the insanity won’t kick in until November 6th.


In October, we expect cloud coverage every day. The sky is overcast an average of 57% throughout the month, so there is always the possibility of sun.

Tides in Homer

Kachemak Bay has one of the most significant tidal changes worldwide. Millions of cubic feet of water move in and out of the bay every 12 hours due to the gravity forces of the sun and moon, local topography, and weather. On average, the ocean rises and falls 15 feet, and when the influences are extreme (like around the full moon), tides are recorded at a high of 23.3 feet and a low of -5.9 feet. The low tides are excellent for walking on the beach, searching for sea creatures trapped around rocks in tidal pools.

Tide Information is available here. has an excellent monthly summary of historical weather for Homer.

Check out this weather station for regular updates and photos of what’s going on right now:


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