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Things to Do in Homer Alaska: Exploring The Old Town

Updated: Jun 1

Old Town Homer, Alaska, is an enchanting district representing the area's abundant history, lively culture, and stunning natural surroundings.

Nestled along the shores of Kachemak Bay, this charming neighborhood offers a glimpse into the past while providing a range of modern amenities and activities.

For those seeking "things to do in Homer, Alaska," Old Town is an essential stop that promises unique experiences and memorable adventures.

Tuyanitun Tuggeht, a sculpture honoring the navigation system used by the Dena'ina People. Bishop's Beach Homer Alaska
Tuyanitun Tuggeht, a sculpture honoring the navigation system used by the Dena'ina People on Bishop's Beach

Old Town Homer is steeped in history, with roots dating back to the early 20th century when it served as a hub for coal mining and fishing industries. The area's historical buildings and landmarks reflect its storied past, allowing visitors to step back in time. 

Natural Beauty and Outdoor Activities

One of the highlights of Old Town Homer is its proximity to stunning natural landscapes, particularly Beluga Slough and Bishop's Beach. 

Beluga Slough is a tidal estuary that provides a critical habitat for various bird species and marine life. It is a haven for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts, offering tranquil walking trails and observation points. Visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty and observe local wildlife in their natural habitat, making it a perfect spot for photography and relaxation.

Bishop's Beach, accessible from Old Town, is another must-visit location. This expansive Beach offers breathtaking views of Kachemak Bay and the surrounding mountains. It's ideal for beachcombing, tide pooling, and enjoying the refreshing sea breeze. During low tide, the Beach reveals a fascinating array of marine life, making it an educational experience for visitors of all ages.

Places to Stay

The Driftwood Inn is the primary lodging in Old Town Homer. The Driftwood Inn is a historical building expanded to include cottages and meeting and wedding venues. They also have an RV Park.

The Driftwood Inn provides concierge service for fishing and bear tours, wildlife tours, and all kinds of Things to Do in Homer, Alaska.

Unique Accommodations

The Bunnell Street Arts Center is a focal point of the community, offering exhibitions, workshops, and performances that celebrate the region's artistic talent and native Alaskan artists. The Gallery shares a building with Wild Honey Bistro, a well-loved crepery and bakery.

You can stay above the Bunnell Gallery at Old Town Bed and Breakfast. Restful and romantic, this is an Old Town Treasure. Call (907) 235-7558 for availability and reservations.

Homer Seaside Cottages is a group of 4 cottages located within a short walk to Bishop's Beach and close to Two Sisters Bakery, a Homer Institution! These four cottages rent individually or rent them all! Each cottage has a deck, BBQ, and a view! Pets are accepted upon approval. Pets must be attended at all times.

The Homer Roundhouse is your chance to experience the best in Yurt Living. Located on the bluff close to Old Town, it's on a dead-end road with limited neighborhood traffic. Every town art gallery, cafe, Two Sister's Bakery, museum, and other points of interest are within walking distance. The Beach, where you can build a fire and enjoy the sunset, is just a few yards away. You can walk to Old Town on Bishop's Beach at low tide.

Things to Do in Old Town Homer Alaska

Old Town Homer sits on one of the most extraordinary beaches in the world. The backdrop of volcanos and snow-capped mountains combined with the extreme tidal action makes Bishop's Beach an ever-changing delight.

Visit The Bunnell Street Arts Center. View the latest exhibition and check out performances occurring while you're visiting.

Walk the Beluga Slough Trail and see if you can find the Sandhill Cranes that migrate to Homer in the Spring. The trail runs from The Islands and Oceans Visitor Center to Bishop's Beach. 

If you are in Homer during a super low tide, take a tide-pooling tour with a naturist from the Islands and Oceans Visitor Center. Be sure to check out their other scheduled activities. Learn about wildlife, Kachemak Bay, and the extreme Homer Tides.

Simply Delicious!

Browse a Treasure Trove of Books at Old Inlet Bookshop

Shop The Fringe, Homer's Consignment Shop, located under the Bunnel Gallery. This shop never disappoints.

Walk The Old Town Math Trail and follow a planned route through Old Town Homer. Answer mathematical questions related to what you encounter along the way. During your journey, you can connect mathematics to many subjects, including art, design, architecture, science, geography, and history. 

The students of Homer High School created this math trail to highlight a unique area of their town that draws countless visitors each year. This trail contains mathematical questions about 18 stops in Old Town Homer. 

Stop at Two Sisters Bakery, a Homer Landmark, for refreshment.

Visit the Homer Visitors Center for more ideas about Things to Do in Homer Alaska. Ask about the Art Walk Map and the Fermentation Trail.

Have Dinner at AJs SteakHouse.

This place is a part of Homer's history. It is a perennial favorite with delicious steaks and fresh Alaska seafood. Reservations are a must, although you can slip into a seat at the bar...

Close to Downtown Homer

Old Town Homer is conveniently located near downtown Homer, making it easy for visitors to explore both areas. A short walk or drive connects the historical charm of Old Town with the bustling activities of downtown, where visitors can find additional restaurants, shops, and entertainment options. This proximity allows for a seamless experience, combining the best of both worlds in a single visit. The Homer Spit is a short drive.


Old Town Homer, Alaska, is a history, culture, and natural beauty treasure trove. Its rich heritage, access to Beluga Slough and Bishop's Beach, and proximity to downtown Homer and the Homer Spit offer visitors diverse activities and attractions. 

Whether you're interested in exploring historical sites, enjoying outdoor adventures, or immersing yourself in the local arts scene, Old Town Homer provides an unforgettable experience. For anyone seeking "things to do in Homer, Alaska," this charming neighborhood is a must-visit destination that captures the essence of Homer, Alaska.

Frequently Asked Questions

What show was filmed in Homer, Alaska?

Alaska: The Last Frontier -  Four generations of Kilchers live off the land that Yule and Ruth Kilcher homesteaded outside Homer, Alaska, over 80 years ago. The Kilcher family lived on over 640 acres of the Alaskan wilderness, living off the resources the land provided.

What is the best way to Get to Homer Alaska?

Homer, Alaska, is 125 miles from Anchorage at the end of the Sterling Highway. Travel to Homer by car, plane, or bus.

What are the Things to Do in Homer Alaska?

Homer is known for fishing, bear-viewing tours, peonies, our art community, and world-class cuisine. There are many Things to Do in Homer Alaska.


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